Corporate Governance

China Nonferrous Gold Limited (CNG) (formerly Kryso Resources Corporation Limited) recognises the importance of sound corporate governance and observes the requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code to an appropriate extent considering the Company's size, stage of development and resources.

CNG has adopted a code for dealings in its shares by directors and employees, and will comply with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules relating to dealings by directors.

CNG has established audit and remuneration committees.

The Nomination Committee is composed as follows:

  • Wu Xiang (Non-Executive Director) - Chairman
  • Shi Xiuzhi (Non-Executive Director)
  • Li Yong (Non-Executive Director)

The Audit Committee is composed as follows:

  • Li Yong (Non-Executive Director)- Chairman
  • Wu Xiang (Non-Executive Director) 
  • Shi Xiuzhi (Non-Executive Director)

The Remuneration Committee is composed as follows:

  • Shi Xiuzhi (Non-Executive Director)- Chairman
  • Wu Xiang (Non-Executive Director) 
  • Li Yong (Non-Executive Director)

Please follow the link to view CNG Corporate Governance Code : Corporate Governance Code



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