Pakrut Satellite Prospects


The Sulfidnoye gold-silver prospect is located 5 km north-northwest of the main Pakrut gold deposit. Mineralization at Sulfidnoye can be subdivided into western, central and eastern sections. The thickness of the alteration zone ranges from 0.5m to 21m with gold grades ranging from less than 1g/t to 17.5g/t and silver grades up to 264g/t. The strike extension of this zone has not been traced, but it is thought to be in the order of up to 1.5km.

LLC Pakrut, a 100% wholly owned The mineralization has been sampled in trenches and cuttings. The western part contains antimony and gold, with gold grades ranging from 0.2g/t to 0.8g/t. The central and eastern parts have gold grades that range from 0.2g/t to 2.8g/t; lead grades that range from 0.2% to 2.3% and silver grades that range from 28g/t to 264g/t.

Pakrut Licensed Area – Additional Targets

Oz Au Cut-off Grade (g/t) Grade (g/t) Tonnage
167,000 1.0 10.8 480,000


The Rufigar prospect is located 5km to the north of the main Pakrut gold deposit, and comprises a series of gold occurrences concentrated in a 5km section of the Rufigarsky fault zone. This mineralization can be subdivided into four main occurrences: Central, Eastern, Upper and Surmyanoye (antimony and gold).

Mineralization at Central Rufigar occurs within four small alteration zones and has gold grades from trench samples ranging from 0.6g/t to 22.0g/t. The thickness of these zones ranges from several centimetres to several dozen metres with a strike length of between 15m and 45m.

P2 and P3 resources, categories of resource under the Russian resource classification system, have been estimated for Rufigar. However, as there is no equivalent under the JORC Code for P2 and P3 resources, Kryso believes it to be prudent not to present these figures.



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